How to Become An Advocate 

Tech Bay Area Advocates (TBAA) is open to anyone, and the group has no membership fees. Existing Advocates invite Advocates. Prospective Advocates are reviewed through the Board then invited in to the organization. To join the group, you will need to be invited or introduced by an Tech Advocate group member. For More information, please contact Once you are introduced to the network, you will officially become an Advocate. This gives you access to the network of over 5,000 Advocates worldwide. The Global Tech Hubs (SF Bay Area, Silicon Valley, London, Singapore, Nordic, etc., are managed through an online platform which will be available to you once you are onboard.

Working Groups – Moving the Initiatives Forward for Greater Good

Between events, progress is made through Working Groups. The role of the Working Group is to identify achievable objectives in a timeframe which contribute to the good of the Tech Community and in the overall communities we reside in. TBAA has Working Groups for Women and Diversity in Tech, Makers, Cryptocurrency, Wine Tech, Entrepreneurs and Tech for Good (Scholarship & Mentorship Programs for Underserved Youth in the Bay Area). As Advocates express interest in working with like-minded people on a tech vertical, geography or initiative, they come forward to the TBAA Board to review and receive the consent of TBAA Board. The Working Groups honor the spirit of volunteerism, giving back to the community and having fun. Working Groups will have an opportunity to showcase their efforts, build their networks and move forward at the TBAA events and through the online platform.

Time Commitment for Advocates

There is no time commitment or minimum engagement level required to being an Advocate; you can participate in and engage with the group as much or as little as you like. There are however three asks of each Advocate, irrespective of their level of engagement:

  • Be in sync with the mission, values and messaging of Global Tech and Tech Bay Area Advocates.
  • When ready, help expand the Tech Bay Area Advocates and Global Tech Advocates network by introducing two new Advocates annually from the Bay Area, North Bay and around the world.
  • Adopt the ethos of helping one another for the ‘greater good’ as a means of establishing a strong and vibrant technology sector.
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity in dealings with fellow Advocates, the Tech Community and the overall Communities in which we live.
  • Support providing a hand up to the growing need of the underserved youth in the Bay Area through Tech for Good practices like volunteerism, active engagement or donations.
  • Maintain a positive outlook and have fun!


Next Steps

If you are not yet an Advocate and would like to be one, please contact an existing Advocate, or