Working Groups

Women in Technology

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Maya Mancuso, Brittany Buxton, and Firuze Gocke

Key Objectives:

Tech Bay Area Advocates Women in Tech is a collective of cross-industry professionals focused on increasing gender balance and equality in the technology industry. We are committed to collaboration, education and taking action in these key areas: reducing the funding gap, mentoring female entrepreneurs, advocating for pay equity, unconscious bias training, combatting gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, promoting gender equality in executive roles and on corporate boards, and advancing female STEM education and career opportunities.
·Planned Activities for Upcoming Year: Holding quarterly meetups to connect women in the technology industry and provide education and training in one of our key objective areas.

The first meetup will be in July 2018.


  • Maya Mancuso
  • Firuze Gokce